Thursday Morning Workouts

This list provides a general review/preview of workouts, and is subject to change depending on conditions and the training needs of the group. We meet at the Sleepy Hollow HS parking lot/track and start the warmup at 6am. The typical total workout time including w/u and c/d is 45-60 minutes. This is our first winter for the group. We run in the cold and dark but not in dangerous conditions such as slippery ice or snow. Please check our Facebook page for more details, changes or cancellations.

For the period of January 26 – April 13, we’ll be doing the speed workout from Hal Higdon’s Boston Bound training plan (switching Tuesday for Thursday).

If you are unsure about your training paces, we suggest using a recent race performance in Jack Daniels’s VDOT Running Calculator, embedded below, then reference the “Training” tab.

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DateTypeLocationPurposeDetailsCivil Twilight
2017-01-05HillsTrailsaerobic power/speed5-6 x short hill; full recovery6:50am
2017-01-12IntervalsTrackaerobic power3 x 800 w 400 jog recovery; 3-4 100 meter strides with 300 jog6:49am
2017-01-19IntervalsTrackthreshhold2 x 3200 w 60 sec rest6:46am
2017-01-26HillsTrailsaerobic powerStart of Boston Bound plan; 3 x hill, 1 down6:42am
2017-02-02IntervalsTrackaerobic power4 x 800, 400 jog6:36am
2017-02-09HillsTrailsaerobic power4 x hill, 1 down6:29am
2017-02-16IntervalsTrackaerobic power5 x 800, 400 jog6:21am
2017-02-23HillsTrailsaerobic power5 x hill, 2 down6:11am
2017-03-02IntervalsTrackaerobic power6 x 800, 400 jog6:01am
2017-03-09HillsTrailsaerobic power6 x hill, 2 down5:50am
2017-03-16IntervalsTrackaerobic power7 x 800, 400 jog6:38 am (DST)
2017-03-23HillsTrailsaerobic power7 x hill, 3 down6:27am
2017-03-30IntervalsTrackaerobic power8 x 800, 400 jog6:15am
2017-04-06HillsTrailsaerobic power8 x hill, 3 down6:03am
2017-04-13IntervalsTrackaerobic power4 x 800, 400 jog5:51am