A note from our friends at RSHM LIFE Center

August 8, 2018

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We just received this wonderful note from our friends at RSHM LIFE Center. Thanks to the generosity of all of you who run, volunteer, and sponsor Rivertown Runners events, the RTR Outreach Fund can help support important local programs such as the LIFE Center’s summer camp. Learn more about RSHM LIFE Center at http://www.rshmlifecenter.org

Dear Todd,

Our 2018 Summer Camp has come to a close, and we miss the children already. All 62 of them. The LIFE Center’s program mixes traditional summer camp activities like swimming, team sports, arts & crafts and downtime, with educational activities like reading and research to prevent summer learning loss and advance English literacy. It keeps families together, giving low income parents an affordable option for their children during the long school vacation. Included in the fun is a weekly field trip.

Because we love this photograph we want to share it with you and the Rivertown Runners.

This from Sister Susan: The Bronx Zoo has a new adventure called Nature Trek. With rope bridges strung through the trees, the kids get to climb around up in the air. Needless to say, this had great appeal. I stayed with my feet planted firmly on the ground while the children laughed and waved to me from high above in the trees. They had a lot of fun. Note also that they are wearing the hats they decorated during arts & crafts earlier in the week.

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