Thursday Morning Workouts Archive

This list provides a general review/preview of workouts, and is subject to change depending on conditions and the training needs of the group. We meet at the Sleepy Hollow HS parking lot/track and start the warmup at 6am. The typical total workout time including w/u and c/d is 45-50 minutes. Please check our Facebook page for more details, changes or cancellations.

April 2015 – October 2015

DateTypeLocationPurposeMore Details
2015-04-23HillsTrailsaerobic powerFacebook posting
2015-04-30ThresholdTrackendurance3-4 X 1600M @ threshold pace with 60 sec recovery
2015-05-07IntervalsTrackaerobic power 4 x 800M with 400M jog recovery
Hills (short)Trailsspeed/strength~120M X 5 hard, complete recovery
2015-05-21ThresholdTrackendurance~10 min w/u, 20 minutes steady tempo @ threshold pace, ~10 min c/d + optional strides
2015-05-28IntervalsTrackaerobic power 4 x 1000M with 400M jog recovery
2015-06-04HillsTrailsaerobic power 4 x .35 mile uphill with approximately equal distance recovery jog. Workout Map
2015-06-11ThresholdTrailsendurance3 X 1 mile @ threshold pace with 60 sec recovery. Workout Map | Cruise Intervals article
2015-06-18IntervalsTrailsaerobic power.25 mile x 8 with 90 sec recovery. Witch's Spring trail. Workout Map
2015-06-25HillsTrailsaerobic power3-4 x .5 miles uphill, .5 miles jog recovery
2015-07-02ThresholdTrailsenduranceThreshold effort: out for 15 minutes at then turn around and come back by the same route. Warmup Map
2015-07-09HillsTrailsmixed6 x 450-500 meters with equal distance recovery. Workout Map
2015-07-16IntervalsTrailsaerobic power5 x 600 meters with 2 minute recovery. Warmup Map
2015-07-23ThresholdTrailsenduranceTempo run
2015-07-30HillsTrailsaerobic power3 x 1000 meters with 600 meter jog recovery
2015-08-06IntervalsTrailsaerobic power6 x ~800 meters with 2 minute recovery. Warmup Map
2015-08-13ThresholdTrailsendurance10 min easy, 20 minutes tempo pace, 10 minutes easy
2015-08-20HillsTrailsaerobic power3 x Big Tree uphill, recover on the curve, Witch's Spring, recover on the curve
2015-08-27IntervalsTrailsaerobic power3-4 x 1000 meters with 2-3 min recovery. Warmup Map
2015-09-03HillsTrailsspeed/strengthShort hill + flat sprints with full recovery
2015-09-10ThresholdTrailsendurance3 X ~1 mile @ threshold pace with 60 sec recovery.
2015-09-17HillsTrailsaerobic power4 x .4 mles (uphill .3, flat .1) with .35 mile recovery jog. Warmup Map
2015-09-24IntervalsTrackaerobic power6 x 800 meters with 400 meter recovery
2015-10-01ThresholdTrackendurance25 min @ tempo pace
2015-10-08IntervalsTrackaerobic power? x 800 meters with 400 meter recovery
2015-10-15IntervalsTrackaerobic power/ speed4-6 x 400 meters, 100 meter strides
2015-10-22ThresholdTrackendurance3 x 1600 with 1 minute rest
2015-10-29CanceledTrack was closed so we took a day off